CDM Co-ordination:

Role as required by the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.

We will work with you to manage and control the health and safety aspects of projects enabling you to complyBuilding Health + Safety | Accident with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.


Getting to grips with legislation is hard; its interpretation can be even harder. The law puts great emphasis on the need for training. It is therefore important that time devoted to training is both rewarding and cost effective. Training is offered in the following areas: -

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations - e.g. designers duties and roles and responsibilities.

Safety awareness courses - specific health and safety issues relating to individual companies e.g. fork lift tucks and manual handling.

Construction Health and Safety - systems, procedures and implementation. [back to top]

Designer Assistance:

Do your designers know their duties?
Have you got systems and procedures in place that will protect you if audited or investigated by the
(Health and Safety Executive) HSE?
In recent audits, the HSE in the North West of England found that a surprising proportion of designers were unaware of their duties under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations:

Building Health and Safety | Accident
  • 65% of designers did not know which regulation applied to them
  • 76% could not identify the principals of eliminate, reduce and inform
  • 90% of designers did not identify the requirement to provide adequate information
  • 60% were unable to identify the duty holders under CDM
  • 63% were unable to identify more than three hazards found on construction sites

This service offers advise and assistance to designers, either by advising designers of their duties; assisting with risk assessments; holding in-house CPD (continuing professional development) events and updates or through the formation and implementation of company systems and procedures that will prove compliance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations if audited by the HSE.

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Construction Safety

Consultation, assistance or preparation of: -Building Health and Safety | Construction Safety

Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan

Health and Safety File

Risk Assessment

Method statement

Safe System of Work
Every contractor needs to prove that health and safety is considered within their projects. That's why Building Health + Safety Ltd offer a service that contractors can employ on a sub-contractor, project-by-project basis.

If you are appointed as Principal Contractor we provide a service that ensures compliance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, by undertaking the management of health and safety for your project.

Building Health + Safety Ltd can be employed to perform site safety auditing, accident investigation and policy implementation and review.

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